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Commercial Power Washing Company

Like residential properties, it’s important to keep your commercial property as clean and maintained as possible. After all, the exterior of your building is the first impression your customers will have of your business.

While there are many ways you can clean and maintain your property, one of the most beneficial and easiest ways is through regular pressure washing. Call us to see why our customers say we are the best commercial power washing company.

Graffiti Removal

It’s always shocking and overwhelming for business owners to discover their building has been vandalized. Luckily, graffiti isn’t permanent. With our expert power washing Charlotte NC team, we utilize modern equipment and a refined technique to ensure your commercial property is completely cleared of any graffiti and restored to pristine condition.

Parking Lot Power Washing Charlotte NC

Many business owners don’t think about maintaining their parking lots. After all, your parking lot is solely for your customers to park their cars. But, over time it’s easy for it to accrue dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can deteriorate its curb appeal and function.

That being said, it’s important to routinely contact your go-to power washing company for your parking lot cleaning. Our process is simple: utilize modern equipment to create a high-pressure stream of high heat water to wash away any dirt, grime, and other unwanted minerals. After power washing your parking lot, it will look clean and bright, and remain functional and resilient for years to come.

Fleet Washing

Between constantly being on the road, then being parked for extensive hours, dirt, minerals, and other contaminants can easily build up on your business vehicles. That’s why we offer fleet washing.

With our power washing Charlotte NC services, your business vehicles will be completely clean and look just as bright as when you first purchased them, enabling you to proudly drive around and market your company without having to worry about leaving a negative impression.

Dumpster Cleaning

Even the place where you dump your trash should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Our dumpster power washing Charlotte NC service also utilizes a high-pressure stream of water in combination with increased water temperature to remove any dirt, trash, and grime from your dumpsters, and keep your commercial property’s exterior looking (and smelling) fresh all year long!

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